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Education Space

Message from Professor Graham Virgo, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

High-quality, accessible teaching and learning spaces are vital to our endeavour as a world-class university. Facilities that are attractive and fit for purpose help us to attract the best students and academics from across the world, and encourage the encounters between people and across disciplines that are necessary for world-class learning and research.

The Programme Board for Education Space was set up by the General Board. Its purpose is to coordinate efforts

"to improve the use and management of spaces for teaching, studying, and sitting examinations across the University."

The Board aims to support departments that need access to better spaces, and to encourage all Schools, faculties and departments to use their spaces creatively and efficiently. Better use of the spaces we already have enables us to deliver excellent and innovative learning experiences without the need to undertake expensive and disruptive building projects, and helps us to meet our goals around environmental sustainability.

The Programme Board’s work includes gathering information about the current state of education space, engaging with and responding to School, faculty and departmental concerns, and developing a University-wide room-booking service.

This website contains information about the Board’s work, and resources and case studies for better management of education space in the University.