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These questions are for those interested in finding out more about the Booker system. Current users seeking help with using the system should consult the user guide or the room managers guide on the UIS website.

The system that my department currently has works well – why should we consider Booker?

Booker was designed especially to meet the needs of University of Cambridge staff and students and many of these users contributed to the development of the system. It has rich functionality that many current systems do not have, such as comprehensive information on every room and the ability to customise and/or automate booking processes – please contact the Booker team to arrange a demonstration.

Booker was designed to be a single system for the whole University, making it easier for individuals and organisations to find and share space across the estate. It is intended that, over a period of several years, all departments will migrate to using the Booker system.

Does using Booker make my department’s rooms visible to everyone across the University?

All rooms that are categorised as shareable on the Booker system are visible to other members of the University who use the system. Not all rooms are suitable for sharing, and departments can determine which rooms are suitable when they adopt the system. Room managers are able to approve or decline all booking requests.

Will changing to a new system create more work for my department?

Booker has a simple visual interface that is easy and intuitive to use. The system has been designed to cut down on the email traffic associated with managing and booking rooms. For example, its calendar view clearly shows whether a room is free, so someone making a request will not need to send an email to check availability. It also provides detailed information about the room, its facilities and access requirements (including photos of the room) so potential room users have all that information and do not need to request it separately.

The Booker team provides full support to departments as they transition from their old systems to Booker, including providing training, helping to migrate bookings, and being available to answer questions. Subject to staff availability, the Booker team also offers a service for inputting timetables into Booker, which can significantly speed up the process of booking rooms for a new term's (or year's) teaching.

Can the system be customised for my department?

Booker is flexible and can be set up to match a department’s specific needs by, for example, giving different users (or groups of users) custom permissions

The system itself cannot be customised by departments, although there is the option to request updates to be included in future releases of the software. Data outputs from the system are in a standard, accessible format, so it would be possible to integrate Booker with other applications to provide additional functionality. For more information on this, talk to the Booker team.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Please contact the service manager, Rob Smith, on 01223 (7)48021 or