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Education Space


This page contains resources to help with space management as well as guidance and performance specifications produced by the Programme Board for Education Space. It will be updated as new resources become available.

Staff and student experiences of education space

During the acdemic year 2017-18 the Programme Board for Education Space consulted academic staff, administrative staff and students on their experiences of education space. A high-level report on this work can be downloaded here.

Futurelib - insights into study space

Futurelib is an innovation programme funded by the University Library that aims to design improved library services based on extensive research into user needs. Futurelib's research can provide valuable insights for non-library contexts: the Protolib projects, for example, developed a number of low-cost strategies for improving the user-friendliness (and consequently the utilisation rates) of study space, based on careful analysis of student needs and study habits. The Futurelib team have built up considerable expertise in user-led design and in the use of ethnographic techniques to study users' interactions with their learning environment, and they are happy to share their knowledge with others in the University. They are also very happy to share their insights into student learning habits and study space design with departments who would like to improve their study space offering.

Download a short summary of the Protolib projects here
Download the full Protolib project reports here 
Read more about Futurelib on the programme's blog
To learn more, contact David Marshall, Acting Programme Director at Futurelib

Communications Resources

A booklet introducing the vision for education space at Cambridge over the next few years is available to download here. To request hard copies, please email Pen McCarthy.

A presentation about the board's work given by Professor Virgo to Heads of School and Pro-Vice-Chancellors is available to download here.